Commit 001455ac authored by dterei's avatar dterei

Have multi[src,mod] test ways clean up after themselves.

parent eb9accfc
......@@ -593,6 +593,12 @@ def test_common_work (name, opts, func, args):
'_stub.h', '_stub.c', '_stub.o',
'.hp', '.exe.hp', '.ps', '.aux', '.hcr', '.eventlog']))
if func == multisrc_compile or func == multisrc_compile_fail \
or func == multi_compile or func == multi_compile_fail:
extra_mods = args[1]
clean(map (lambda (f,x): replace_suffix(f, 'o'), extra_mods))
clean(map (lambda (f,x): replace_suffix(f, 'hi'), extra_mods))
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