Commit 0082601b authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup
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Remove duplicate code from RnNames.

parent eb02a91c
......@@ -205,15 +205,6 @@ importsFromImportDeclDirect this_mod
(L loc importDecl@(ImportDecl loc_imp_mod_name want_boot qual_only as_mod imp_details))
= setSrcSpan loc $
do iface <- loadSrcInterface doc imp_mod_name want_boot
-- Compiler sanity check: if the import didn't say
-- {-# SOURCE #-} we should not get a hi-boot file
WARN( not want_boot && mi_boot iface, ppr imp_mod_name ) $ do
-- Issue a user warning for a redundant {- SOURCE -} import
-- NB that we arrange to read all the ordinary imports before
-- any of the {- SOURCE -} imports
warnIf (want_boot && not (mi_boot iface))
(warnRedundantSourceImport imp_mod_name)
let filtered_exports = filter not_this_mod (mi_exports iface)
not_this_mod (mod,_) = mod /= this_mod
......@@ -241,7 +232,7 @@ importsFromImportDeclDirect this_mod
is_dloc = loc, is_as = qual_mod_name }
-- Get the total imports, and filter them according to the import list
total_avails <- ifaceExportNames filtered_exports
total_avails <- ifaceExportNames (mi_exports iface)
importDecl' <- rnImportDecl iface imp_spec importDecl total_avails
return (L loc importDecl')
where imp_mod_name = unLoc loc_imp_mod_name
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