Commit 00a91102 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Comments only

parent d58a8df3
......@@ -694,10 +694,13 @@ hsLTyClDeclBinders :: Eq name => Located (TyClDecl name) -> [Located name]
-- The first one is guaranteed to be the name of the decl. For record fields
-- mentioned in multiple constructors, the SrcLoc will be from the first
-- occurence. We use the equality to filter out duplicate field names.
-- The @SrcLoc@s are the locations of the /declaration/, not just the name.
-- Each returned (Located name) is wrapped in a @SrcSpan@ of the whole
-- /declaration/, not just the name itself (which is how it appears in
-- the syntax tree). This SrcSpan (for the entire declaration) is used
-- as the SrcSpan for the Name that is finally produced, and hence for
-- error messages. (See Trac #8607.)
-- The re-mangling of the SrcLocs here are to keep good error messages while
-- avoiding #8607.
hsLTyClDeclBinders (L loc (FamDecl { tcdFam = FamilyDecl { fdLName = L _ name } }))
= [L loc name]
hsLTyClDeclBinders (L loc (ForeignType { tcdLName = L _ name })) = [L loc name]
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