Commit 0181a93d authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2004-05-10 10:05:34 by simonmar]

In multiple declaration errors, give the location of one of the
declarations as the location of the error message, instead of the
top-level of the file.
parent 210766f3
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ import RdrName ( RdrName, rdrNameOcc, setRdrNameSpace,
import Outputable
import Maybes ( isJust, isNothing, catMaybes, mapCatMaybes, seqMaybe )
import SrcLoc ( noSrcLoc, Located(..), mkGeneralSrcSpan,
unLoc, noLoc )
unLoc, noLoc, srcLocSpan )
import BasicTypes ( DeprecTxt )
import ListSetOps ( removeDups )
import Util ( sortLt, notNull, isSingleton )
......@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@ importsFromLocalDecls group
-- The complaint will come out as "Multiple declarations of Foo.f" because
-- since 'f' is in the env twice, the unQualInScope used by the error-msg
-- printer returns False. It seems awkward to fix, unfortunately.
mappM_ (addErr . dupDeclErr) dups `thenM_`
mappM_ addDupDeclErr dups `thenM_`
doptM Opt_NoImplicitPrelude `thenM` \ implicit_prelude ->
......@@ -1002,11 +1002,14 @@ exportClashErr global_env name1 name2 ie1 ie2
(gre:_) -> gre
[] -> pprPanic "exportClashErr" (ppr name)
dupDeclErr (n:ns)
= vcat [ptext SLIT("Multiple declarations of") <+> quotes (ppr n),
addDupDeclErr :: [Name] -> TcRn ()
addDupDeclErr (n:ns)
= addErrAt (srcLocSpan (nameSrcLoc n)) $
vcat [ptext SLIT("Multiple declarations of") <+> quotes (ppr n),
nest 2 (ptext SLIT("other declarations at:")),
nest 4 (vcat (map ppr sorted_locs))]
sorted_locs = sortLt occ'ed_before (map nameSrcLoc (n:ns))
sorted_locs = sortLt occ'ed_before (map nameSrcLoc ns)
occ'ed_before a b = LT == compare a b
dupExportWarn occ_name ie1 ie2
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