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Removed setting of default values for variables which are never empty

The standard autoconf variables like prefix, exec_prefix, ... are always set by
configure, so there is no need to provide explicit defaults in the Makefile.

The lines were introduced about a decade ago, perhaps there were some bugs in
ancient autoconfs, but today I can't think of a reason why this should be still
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......@@ -557,10 +557,6 @@ mandir := @mandir@
ifeq "$(Windows)" "YES"
ifeq "$(strip $(prefix))" ""
prefix = /c/ghc
# Hack: our directory layouts tend to be different on Windows, so
# hack around configure's bogus assumptions here.
datarootdir := $(prefix)
......@@ -569,10 +565,8 @@ libdir := $(prefix)
# Unix: override libdir and datadir to put ghc-specific stuff in
# a subdirectory with the version number included.
datarootdir := $(datadir0)
datadir := $(datadir0)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)
libdir := $(libdir0)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)
......@@ -600,40 +594,12 @@ psdir := $(docdir)
# (overriden for packages in
ifacedir = $(libdir)
# Default values for most of the above are only set if
# they weren't configured to anything in particular
# via the configure script. (i.e., we make no assumption
# that the autoconf-generated script will assign defaults
# to all of the above).
ifeq "$(strip $(exec_prefix))" ""
exec_prefix = $(prefix)
ifeq "$(strip $(bindir))" ""
bindir = $(exec_prefix)/bin
# NOTE: by intention, libexecdir and libdir point to
# the same place.
# => Only way to override this is to set libexecdir= on the command line.
# (NOTE: configure script setting is ignored).
libexecdir = $(libdir)
ifeq "$(strip $(datadir))" ""
datadir = $(prefix)/share
ifeq "$(strip $(libdir))" ""
libdir = $(exec_prefix)/lib
ifeq "$(strip $(includedir))" ""
includedir = $(prefix)/include
ifeq "$(strip $(mandir))" ""
mandir = $(prefix)/man
# This is a bit of a lie, as this is a wrapper rather than the program
# itself. However, it means that we don't have to worry about Windows
# and non-Windows having different extensions.
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