Commit 01c948eb authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott Committed by Marge Bot

Clean up the inferred type variable restriction

This patch primarily:

* Documents `checkInferredVars` (previously called
  `check_inferred_vars`) more carefully. This is the
  function which throws an error message if a user quantifies an
  inferred type variable in a place where specificity cannot be
  observed. See `Note [Unobservably inferred type variables]` in

  Note that I now invoke `checkInferredVars` _alongside_
  `rnHsSigType`, `rnHsWcSigType`, etc. rather than doing so _inside_
  of these functions. This results in slightly more call sites for
  `checkInferredVars`, but it makes it much easier to enumerate the
  spots where the inferred type variable restriction comes into
* Removes the inferred type variable restriction for default method
  type signatures, per the discussion in #18432. As a result, this
  patch fixes #18432.

Along the way, I performed some various cleanup:

* I moved `no_nested_foralls_contexts_err` into `GHC.Rename.Utils`
  (under the new name `noNestedForallsContextsErr`), since it now
  needs to be invoked from multiple modules. I also added a helper
  function `addNoNestedForallsContextsErr` that throws the error
  message after producing it, as this is a common idiom.
* In order to ensure that users cannot sneak inferred type variables
  into `SPECIALISE instance` pragmas by way of nested `forall`s, I
  now invoke `addNoNestedForallsContextsErr` when renaming
  `SPECIALISE instance` pragmas, much like when we rename normal
  instance declarations. (This probably should have originally been
  done as a part of the fix for #18240, but this task was somehow
  overlooked.) As a result, this patch fixes #18455 as a side effect.
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