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Fix #9465.

It turned out the sed(1) expressions are not fully portable.  So revist my
earlier attempt for getting GHC_LDFLAGS in the configure script and rewrite
it in Perl instead.
parent 955db0d1
......@@ -1832,7 +1832,7 @@ AC_MSG_NOTICE(Building in-tree ghc-pwd)
dnl If special linker flags are needed to build things, then allow
dnl the user to pass them in via LDFLAGS.
changequote(, )dnl
GHC_LDFLAGS=`echo $LDFLAGS | sed -r 's/(^| )([^ ])/\1-optl\2/g'`
GHC_LDFLAGS=`perl -e 'foreach (@ARGV) { print "-optl$_ " }' -- $LDFLAGS`
changequote([, ])dnl
if ! "$WithGhc" $GHC_LDFLAGS -v0 -no-user-$GHC_PACKAGE_DB_FLAG -hidir utils/ghc-pwd/dist-boot -odir utils/ghc-pwd/dist-boot -stubdir utils/ghc-pwd/dist-boot --make utils/ghc-pwd/Main.hs -o utils/ghc-pwd/dist-boot/ghc-pwd
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