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......@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ cgRhs id (StgRhsCon cc con args)
cgRhs name (StgRhsClosure cc bi fvs upd_flag _srt args body)
| null fvs -- See Note [Nested constant closures]
= do { (info, fcode) <- cgTopRhsClosure Recursive name cc bi upd_flag args body
= do { (info, fcode) <- cgTopRhsClosure Recursive name dontCareCCS bi upd_flag args body
; return (info, fcode >> return mkNop) }
| otherwise
= do dflags <- getDynFlags
......@@ -234,7 +234,12 @@ False, which is fair enough.)
Simple solution: compile the RHS as if it was top level. Then
everything works. A minor benefit is eliminating the allocation code
too. -}
GBM: when we compile the RHS as if it were top level, the cost centre stack in
the StgRhsClosure is no longer valid. For now we replace the cost centre stack
with dontCareCCS.
-- Non-constructor right hand sides
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