Commit 0462b0e0 authored by Alexandre R. Baldé's avatar Alexandre R. Baldé Committed by Marge Bot

Explain that 'mappend' and '(<>)' should be the same [skip ci]

parent 87540029
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......@@ -271,6 +271,9 @@ class Semigroup a => Monoid a where
-- __NOTE__: This method is redundant and has the default
-- implementation @'mappend' = ('<>')@ since /base-
-- Should it be implemented manually, since 'mappend' is a synonym for
-- ('<>'), it is expected that the two functions are defined the same
-- way. In a future GHC release 'mappend' will be removed from 'Monoid'.
mappend :: a -> a -> a
mappend = (<>)
{-# INLINE mappend #-}
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