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[project @ 2002-08-29 10:19:43 by simonmar]

Not required any more
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include $(TOP)/mk/
SUBDIRS = normalise_errmsg
include $(TOP)/mk/
#include "../../../ghc/includes/config.h"
module Main
import Char
import List ( isPrefixOf )
import IOExts ( trace )
Copy text from stdin to stdout. Normalise it to make
comparison of compiler error messages less troublesome.
-- Remove all whitespace lines
-- Merge contiguous whitespace characters into a single space.
-- Make all letters lowercase.
-- Look for file names and zap the directory part:
foo/var/xyzzy/somefile --> somefile
-- If somefile ends in ".exe" or ".exe:", zap ".exe" (for Windows)
-- the colon is there because it appears in error messages; this
-- hacky solution is used in place of more sophisticated filename
-- mangling
This program is used by the test system (vanilla-test.T) to normalise
actual compilation error messages before comparing them against
expected messages. It can optionally be used on stderr output too.
isFnChar = not . isSpace
isOther = not . isFnChar
unpathify []
= []
unpathify (c:cs)
| isFnChar c
= let cz = takeWhile isFnChar (c:cs)
in zap_path cz ++ unpathify (drop (length cz) (c:cs))
| otherwise
= let cz = takeWhile (not.isFnChar) (c:cs)
in cz ++ unpathify (drop (length cz) (c:cs))
zap_path p
= let notDirSep c = not (c `elem` "/\\")
zapped = (takeWhile (notDirSep) . reverse) p
-- s/\.exe:?$//
exe = ".exe"
exe_colon = ".exe:"
col_zapped = if (reverse exe_colon) `isPrefixOf` zapped
then ":" ++ (drop (length exe_colon) zapped)
else zapped
in reverse (if (reverse exe) `isPrefixOf` col_zapped
then (drop (length exe) col_zapped)
else col_zapped)
= interact clean
clean str
= let
-- convert all non-\n whitespace to space
toSpace c = if isSpace c then ' ' else c
spaced = map toSpace str
-- collapse sequences of spaces into one
collapse [] = []
collapse (' ':' ':cs) = collapse (' ':cs)
collapse (c:cs) = c : collapse cs
collapsed = collapse spaced
-- lowercasify everything
lowered = map toLower collapsed
-- zap blank lines
= (unlines . map (dropWhile isSpace)
. filter (not . (all isSpace)) . lines)
-- zap directory-parts and .exe in pathnames
unpathified = unpathify unblanked
include $(TOP)/mk/
HS_PROG = normalise_errmsg
SRC_HC_OPTS += -cpp -package lang
include $(TOP)/mk/
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