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[project @ 2002-10-11 08:04:55 by simonpj]

Add an example about -osuf etc
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......@@ -682,12 +682,16 @@ ghc ––make Main.hs
intermediate C files.</para>
<para>The <option>-hisuf</option>/<option>-osuf</option>
game is useful if you want to compile a program with both
GHC and HBC (say) in the same directory. Let HBC use the
standard <filename>.hi</filename>/<filename>.o</filename>
suffixes; add <option>-hisuf g&lowbar;hi -osuf
g&lowbar;o</option> to your <command>make</command> rule for
GHC compiling&hellip;</para>
game is particularly useful if you want to compile a program both with and without
profiling, in the same directory. You can say:
ghc ...
to get the ordinary version, and
ghc ... -osuf prof.o -hisuf prof.hi -prof -auto-all
to get the profiled version.</para>
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