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Just comments & reformatting

parent 24864ba5
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
* (c) The GHC Team, 1998-2009
* External Storage Manger Interface
* Storage Manger Interface
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
......@@ -26,34 +26,20 @@ void freeStorage(rtsBool free_heap);
void storageAddCapabilities (nat from, nat to);
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Storage manager state
Should we GC?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
doYouWantToGC( Capability *cap )
rtsBool doYouWantToGC(Capability *cap)
return (cap->r.rCurrentNursery->link == NULL ||
g0->n_new_large_words >= large_alloc_lim);
/* for splitting blocks groups in two */
bdescr * splitLargeBlock (bdescr *bd, W_ blocks);
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Generational garbage collection support
updateWithIndirection(p1,p2) Updates the object at p1 with an
indirection pointing to p2. This is
normally called for objects in an old
generation (>0) when they are updated.
updateWithPermIndirection(p1,p2) As above but uses a permanent indir.
The storage manager mutex
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
* Storage manager mutex
#if defined(THREADED_RTS)
extern Mutex sm_mutex;
......@@ -82,12 +68,12 @@ void dirty_TVAR(Capability *cap, StgTVar *p);
extern nursery *nurseries;
extern nat n_nurseries;
void resetNurseries ( void );
void clearNursery ( Capability *cap );
void resizeNurseries ( W_ blocks );
void resizeNurseriesFixed ( void );
W_ countNurseryBlocks ( void );
rtsBool getNewNursery ( Capability *cap );
void resetNurseries (void);
void clearNursery (Capability *cap);
void resizeNurseries (StgWord blocks);
void resizeNurseriesFixed (void);
StgWord countNurseryBlocks (void);
rtsBool getNewNursery (Capability *cap);
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Allocation accounting
......@@ -114,15 +100,15 @@ StgWord calcTotalAllocated (void);
Stats 'n' DEBUG stuff
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
W_ countLargeAllocated (void);
W_ countOccupied (bdescr *bd);
W_ calcNeeded (rtsBool force_major, W_ *blocks_needed);
StgWord countLargeAllocated (void);
StgWord countOccupied (bdescr *bd);
StgWord calcNeeded (rtsBool force_major, StgWord *blocks_needed);
W_ gcThreadLiveWords (nat i, nat g);
W_ gcThreadLiveBlocks (nat i, nat g);
StgWord gcThreadLiveWords (nat i, nat g);
StgWord gcThreadLiveBlocks (nat i, nat g);
W_ genLiveWords (generation *gen);
W_ genLiveBlocks (generation *gen);
StgWord genLiveWords (generation *gen);
StgWord genLiveBlocks (generation *gen);
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Storage manager internal APIs and globals
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