Commit 07cb9d54 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Don't make a library documentation prologue

It's far too large now, and no-one complained when 6.8.1 didn't have one.
parent 0c129b07
...@@ -30,30 +30,9 @@ case $* in ...@@ -30,30 +30,9 @@ case $* in
;; ;;
esac esac
# Automagically create the prologue for the combined index via a
# header, the package prologues (in alphabetical order of the
# packages) and a footer.
cat libraries-header.txt
# Hack to find out if we're in a build tree or installed docs
for NAME in $NAMES
if [ "$NAME" != haskell98 ]
echo "[@${NAME}@]"
grep -v '^ *$$' "$NAME"/prologue.txt
cat libraries-footer.txt
} > libraries.txt
# Now create the combined contents and index pages # Now create the combined contents and index pages
haddock --gen-index --gen-contents -o . \ haddock --gen-index --gen-contents -o . \
-t "Haskell Hierarchical Libraries" \ -t "Haskell Hierarchical Libraries" \
-p libraries.txt \
# Unhandled Windows help stuff?: # Unhandled Windows help stuff?:
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