Commit 07f4b813 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

FIX #2047: Windows (and older Unixes): align info tables to 4 bytes, not 2

Perhaps in the past '.align 2' meant align to 4 bytes, but nowadays it
means align to 2 bytes.  The compacting collector requires info tables
to be aligned to 4 bytes, because it stores tag bits in the low 2

This only affects -fvia-C - the native code generator was already
emitting the correct alignment.  The incorrect alignment might well
have been adversely affecting performance with -fvia-C on Windows.
parent db54c49c
......@@ -150,14 +150,14 @@ sub init_TARGET_STUFF {
$T_COPY_DIRVS = '\.(globl|stab|lcomm)';
$T_DOT_WORD = '\.(long|word|value|byte|space)';
$T_DOT_GLOBAL = '\.globl';
$T_HDR_literal = "\.text\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_misc = "\.text\n\t\.align 2,0x90\n";
$T_HDR_data = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_rodata = "\.text\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_closure = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_info = "\.text\n\t\.align 2\n"; # NB: requires padding
$T_HDR_literal = "\.text\n\t\.align 4\n";
$T_HDR_misc = "\.text\n\t\.align 4,0x90\n";
$T_HDR_data = "\.data\n\t\.align 4\n";
$T_HDR_rodata = "\.text\n\t\.align 4\n";
$T_HDR_closure = "\.data\n\t\.align 4\n";
$T_HDR_info = "\.text\n\t\.align 4\n"; # NB: requires padding
$T_HDR_entry = "\.text\n"; # no .align so we're right next to _info (arguably wrong...?)
$T_HDR_vector = "\.text\n\t\.align 2\n"; # NB: requires padding
$T_HDR_vector = "\.text\n\t\.align 4\n"; # NB: requires padding
} elsif ( $TargetPlatform =~ /^i386-.*-(solaris2|linux|gnu|freebsd|netbsd|openbsd|kfreebsdgnu)$/m ) {
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