Commit 07f5cbc8 authored by Peter Trommler's avatar Peter Trommler 🥁 Committed by Marge Bot

Fix Int overflow on 32 bit platform

parent f53ef1a7
Pipeline #2059 passed with stages
in 232 minutes and 41 seconds
......@@ -2129,7 +2129,7 @@ genCCall dflags is32Bit (PrimTarget (MO_Ctz width)) [dst] [src] bid
src_r <- getNewRegNat (intFormat width)
return $ appOL (code_src src_r) $ case width of
W8 -> toOL
[ OR II32 (OpImm (ImmInt 0xFFFFFF00)) (OpReg src_r)
[ OR II32 (OpImm (ImmInteger 0xFFFFFF00)) (OpReg src_r)
, TZCNT II32 (OpReg src_r) dst_r
W16 -> toOL
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