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users_guide: Synchronize relnotes with base changelog

parent fb3302c9
......@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ GHCi
- ``Main`` with an explicit module header but without ``main`` is now
an error (#7765).
an error (:ghc-ticket:`7765`).
- The ``:back`` and ``:forward`` commands now take an optional count
allowing the user to move forward or backward in history several
......@@ -251,16 +251,16 @@ GHCi
- Added commands ``:load!`` and ``:reload!``, effectively setting
"-fdefer-type-errors" before loading a module and unsetting it after
loading if it has not been set before (#8353).
loading if it has not been set before (:ghc-ticket:`8353`).
- ``ghci -e`` now behaves like ``ghc -e`` (#9360).
- ``ghci -e`` now behaves like ``ghc -e`` (:ghc-ticket:`9360`).
- Added support for top-level function declarations (#7253).
- Added support for top-level function declarations (:ghc-ticket:`7253`).
- The new commands ``:all-types``, ``:loc-at``, ``:type-at``, and
``:uses`` designed for editor-integration
(such as Emacs' ``haskell-mode``) originally premiered by ``ghci-ng``
have been integrated into GHCi (#10874).
have been integrated into GHCi (:ghc-ticket:`10874`).
Template Haskell
......@@ -379,6 +379,8 @@ array
See ```` in the ``base`` package for full release notes.
- Version number (was
- ``GHC.Stack`` exports two new types ``SrcLoc`` and ``CallStack``. A
......@@ -408,9 +410,36 @@ base
``Applicative``. If this causes performance regressions, try to make the
implementation of ``(*>)`` match that of ``(>>)``.
- Add ``URec``, ``UAddr``, ``UChar``, ``UDouble``, ``UFloat``, ``UInt``, and ``UWord`` to
``GHC.Generics`` as part of making GHC generics capable of handling unlifted
types (:ghc-ticket:`10868`)
- Expand ``Floating`` class to include operations that allow for better
precision: ``log1p``, ``expm1``, ``log1pexp`` and ``log1mexp``. These are not
available from ``Prelude``, but the full class is exported from ``Numeric``.
- Add ``Data.List.NonEmpty`` and ``Data.Semigroup`` (to become
super-class of ``Monoid`` in the future). These modules were
provided by the ``semigroups`` package previously. (:ghc-ticket:`10365`)
- The constraints of various functions in ``Control.Monad`` have been
generalized from ``Monad`` to ``Applicative`` including ``filterM``,
``zipWithM`` and ``replicateM_`` (see :ghc-ticket:`10168`).
- Add ``GHC.TypeLits.TypeError`` and ``ErrorMessage`` to allow users
to define custom compile-time error messages.
- The ``Generic`` instance for ``Proxy`` is now poly-kinded (see :ghc-ticket:`10775`)
- The ``IsString`` instance for ``[Char]`` has been modified to eliminate
ambiguity arising from overloaded strings and functions like ``(++)``.
- Move ``Const`` from ``Control.Applicative`` to its own module in
``Data.Functor.Const``. (see :ghc-ticket:`11135`)
- Enable ``PolyKinds`` in the ``Data.Functor.Const`` module to give ``Const``
the kind ``* -> k -> *`` (see :ghc-ticket:`10039`).
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