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OccName->FS in tyThingToIfaceDecl that moved to MkIface

parent 23cf42c0
......@@ -197,6 +197,7 @@ import TysPrim ( alphaTyVars )
import InstEnv ( Instance(..) )
import TcRnMonad
import HscTypes ( ModIface(..), ModDetails(..),
ModGuts(..), HscEnv(..), hscEPS, Dependencies(..), FixItem(..),
ModSummary(..), msHiFilePath,
mkIfaceDepCache, mkIfaceFixCache, mkIfaceVerCache,
......@@ -208,7 +209,7 @@ import HscTypes ( ModIface(..), ModDetails(..),
import DynFlags ( GhcMode(..), DynFlag(..), dopt )
import DynFlags ( GhcMode(..), DynFlags(..), DynFlag(..), dopt )
import Name ( Name, nameModule, nameOccName, nameParent,
isExternalName, isInternalName, nameParent_maybe, isWiredInName,
isImplicitName, NamedThing(..) )
......@@ -1012,7 +1013,7 @@ tyThingToIfaceDecl ext (AClass clas)
(sel_tyvars, rho_ty) = splitForAllTys (idType sel_id)
op_ty = funResultTy rho_ty
toIfaceFD (tvs1, tvs2) = (map getOccName tvs1, map getOccName tvs2)
toIfaceFD (tvs1, tvs2) = (map (occNameFS.getOccName) tvs1, map (occNameFS.getOccName) tvs2)
tyThingToIfaceDecl ext (ATyCon tycon)
| isSynTyCon tycon
......@@ -1179,7 +1180,7 @@ toIfaceExpr ext (Lit l) = IfaceLit l
toIfaceExpr ext (Type ty) = IfaceType (toIfaceType ext ty)
toIfaceExpr ext (Lam x b) = IfaceLam (toIfaceBndr ext x) (toIfaceExpr ext b)
toIfaceExpr ext (App f a) = toIfaceApp ext f [a]
toIfaceExpr ext (Case s x ty as) = IfaceCase (toIfaceExpr ext s) (getOccName x) (toIfaceType ext ty) (map (toIfaceAlt ext) as)
toIfaceExpr ext (Case s x ty as) = IfaceCase (toIfaceExpr ext s) (occNameFS (getOccName x)) (toIfaceType ext ty) (map (toIfaceAlt ext) as)
toIfaceExpr ext (Let b e) = IfaceLet (toIfaceBind ext b) (toIfaceExpr ext e)
toIfaceExpr ext (Cast e co) = IfaceCast (toIfaceExpr ext e) (toIfaceType ext co)
toIfaceExpr ext (Note n e) = IfaceNote (toIfaceNote ext n) (toIfaceExpr ext e)
......@@ -1194,7 +1195,7 @@ toIfaceBind ext (NonRec b r) = IfaceNonRec (toIfaceIdBndr ext b) (toIfaceExpr ex
toIfaceBind ext (Rec prs) = IfaceRec [(toIfaceIdBndr ext b, toIfaceExpr ext r) | (b,r) <- prs]
toIfaceAlt ext (c,bs,r) = (toIfaceCon c, map getOccName bs, toIfaceExpr ext r)
toIfaceAlt ext (c,bs,r) = (toIfaceCon c, map (occNameFS.getOccName) bs, toIfaceExpr ext r)
toIfaceCon (DataAlt dc) | isTupleTyCon tc = IfaceTupleAlt (tupleTyConBoxity tc)
......@@ -1230,7 +1231,7 @@ toIfaceVar ext v
| Just fcall <- isFCallId_maybe v = IfaceFCall fcall (toIfaceType ext (idType v))
-- Foreign calls have special syntax
| isExternalName name = IfaceExt (ext name)
| otherwise = IfaceLcl (nameOccName name)
| otherwise = IfaceLcl (occNameFS (nameOccName name))
name = idName v
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