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Treat some standard data cons specially during vectorisation

This is a temporary hack which allows us to vectorise literals.
parent a41bfc02
......@@ -243,6 +243,17 @@ vectExpr e@(_, AnnApp _ arg)
(fn, tys) = collectAnnTypeArgs e
vectExpr (_, AnnApp (_, AnnVar v) (_, AnnLit lit))
| Just con <- isDataConId_maybe v
, is_special_con con
= do
let vexpr = App (Var v) (Lit lit)
lexpr <- liftPA vexpr
return (vexpr, lexpr)
is_special_con con = con `elem` [intDataCon, floatDataCon, doubleDataCon]
vectExpr (_, AnnApp fn arg)
= do
arg_ty' <- vectType arg_ty
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