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[project @ 2001-01-18 11:33:08 by sewardj]

On sparc, do not make %i7 and %o7 available for allocation.  Quite how
it ever worked before I don't know (and I bootstrapped the compiler with
the sparc NCG).  Perhaps it was all just an illusion.  Reminds me of how
Bobby Ewing was (utterly implausibly) bought back to life in Dallas.
parent c6aa168a
......@@ -913,7 +913,9 @@ freeReg g5 = fastBool False -- %g5 is reserved (ABI).
freeReg g6 = fastBool False -- %g6 is reserved (ABI).
freeReg g7 = fastBool False -- %g7 is reserved (ABI).
freeReg i6 = fastBool False -- %i6 is our frame pointer.
freeReg i7 = fastBool False -- %i7 tends to have ret-addr-ish things
freeReg o6 = fastBool False -- %o6 is our stack pointer.
freeReg o7 = fastBool False -- %o7 holds ret addrs (???)
freeReg f0 = fastBool False -- %f0/%f1 are the C fp return registers.
freeReg f1 = fastBool False
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