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users-guide: Document -fworker-wrapper

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......@@ -1250,6 +1250,17 @@ by saying ``-fno-wombat``.
determines if a function definition will be kept around at all for
potential inlining.
.. ghc-flag:: -fworker-wrapper
:shortdesc: Enable the worker-wrapper transformation.
:type: dynamic
Enable the worker-wrapper transformation after a strictness
analysis pass. Implied by :ghc-flag:`-O`, and by :ghc-flag:`-fstrictness`.
Disabled by :ghc-flag:`-fno-strictness`. Enabling :ghc-flag:`-fworker-wrapper`
while strictness analysis is disabled (by :ghc-flag:`-fno-strictness`)
has no effect.
.. ghc-flag:: -fbinary-blob-threshold=⟨n⟩
:shortdesc: *default: 500K.* Tweak assembly generator for binary blobs.
:type: dynamic
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