Commit 0a3dadde authored by panne's avatar panne

[project @ 2004-06-11 12:42:18 by panne]

Synched "Overflown relocation field" message with reality
parent c1b3d463
......@@ -333,9 +333,9 @@ checking for duplicates. The reason for this is efficiency, pure and simple.
whereby it emits bogus PE object files that have more than
0xffff relocations. When GHCi tries to load a package affected by this
bug, you get an error message of the form
Loading package javavm ... linking ... Overflown relocs: 4
Loading package javavm ... linking ... WARNING: Overflown relocation field (# relocs found: 30765)
The last time we looked, this bug still
wasn't fixed in the BFD codebase, and there wasn't any
noticeable interest in fixing it when we reported the bug
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