Commit 0c333c89 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang

Extra docs on tcg_imports.

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 71dadd71
......@@ -531,7 +531,31 @@ data TcGblEnv
tcg_imports :: ImportAvails,
-- ^ Information about what was imported from where, including
-- things bound in this module. Also store Safe Haskell info
-- here about transative trusted packaage requirements.
-- here about transitive trusted package requirements.
-- There are not many uses of this field, so you can grep for
-- all them.
-- The ImportAvails records information about the following
-- things:
-- 1. All of the modules you directly imported (tcRnImports)
-- 2. The orphans (only!) of all imported modules in a GHCi
-- session (runTcInteractive)
-- 3. The module that instantiated a signature
-- 4. Each of the signatures that merged in
-- It is used in the following ways:
-- - imp_orphs is used to determine what orphan modules should be
-- visible in the context (tcVisibleOrphanMods)
-- - imp_finsts is used to determine what family instances should
-- be visible (tcExtendLocalFamInstEnv)
-- - To resolve the meaning of the export list of a module
-- (tcRnExports)
-- - imp_mods is used to compute usage info (mkIfaceTc, deSugar)
-- - imp_trust_own_pkg is used for Safe Haskell in interfaces
-- (mkIfaceTc, as well as in HscMain)
-- - To create the Dependencies field in interface (mkDependencies)
tcg_dus :: DefUses, -- ^ What is defined in this module and what is used.
tcg_used_gres :: TcRef [GlobalRdrElt], -- ^ Records occurrences of imported entities
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