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Update old comment InlinePragma

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......@@ -971,14 +971,14 @@ This data type mirrors what you can write in an INLINE or NOINLINE pragma in
the source program.
If you write nothing at all, you get defaultInlinePragma:
inl_inline = False
inl_inline = EmptyInlineSpec
inl_act = AlwaysActive
inl_rule = FunLike
It's not possible to get that combination by *writing* something, so
if an Id has defaultInlinePragma it means the user didn't specify anything.
If inl_inline = True, then the Id should have an InlineRule unfolding.
If inl_inline = Inline or Inlineable, then the Id should have an InlineRule unfolding.
Note [CONLIKE pragma]
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