Commit 0d3a6d53 authored by dreixel's avatar dreixel
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Fix a previous incorrect merge.

parent ea94a66d
...@@ -101,13 +101,12 @@ import FastString ...@@ -101,13 +101,12 @@ import FastString
import HsBinds -- for TcEvBinds stuff import HsBinds -- for TcEvBinds stuff
import Id import Id
import StaticFlags( opt_PprStyle_Debug )
import TcRnTypes import TcRnTypes
import Data.IORef
#ifdef DEBUG #ifdef DEBUG
import StaticFlags( opt_PprStyle_Debug )
import Control.Monad( when ) import Control.Monad( when )
#endif #endif
import Data.IORef
\end{code} \end{code}
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