Commit 0e16cbf3 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Two improved error messages

I'm not quite sure why these have improved following the previous
four commits, but I'm quite happy about it
parent 1a88f9a4
Couldn't match type ‘Scalar (V (Scalar (V a)))’ with ‘Scalar (V a)’
NB: ‘Scalar’ is a type function, and may not be injective
Expected type: Scalar (V a)
Actual type: Scalar (V (Scalar (V a)))
-> Scalar (V (Scalar (V a)))
Couldn't match type ‘Scalar (V a)’
with ‘Scalar (V a) -> Scalar (V a)’
Expected type: Scalar (V (Scalar (V a)))
Actual type: Scalar (V a)
Relevant bindings include
seg :: a (bound at T8227.hs:16:21)
eps :: Scalar (V a) (bound at T8227.hs:16:17)
absoluteToParam :: Scalar (V a) -> a -> Scalar (V a)
(bound at T8227.hs:16:1)
In the first argument of ‘arcLengthToParam’, namely ‘eps’
In the expression: arcLengthToParam eps eps
In an equation for ‘absoluteToParam’:
absoluteToParam eps seg = arcLengthToParam eps eps
Could not deduce (F c ~ Maybe (F c))
from the context (Continuation c)
bound by the type signature for
callCont :: Continuation c => c -> Z c -> B c -> Maybe (F c)
at T8518.hs:13:13-64
Relevant bindings include
b :: B c (bound at T8518.hs:14:14)
z :: Z c (bound at T8518.hs:14:12)
c :: c (bound at T8518.hs:14:10)
callCont :: c -> Z c -> B c -> Maybe (F c) (bound at T8518.hs:14:1)
In the expression: rpt (4 :: Int) c z b
In an equation for ‘callCont’:
callCont c z b
= rpt (4 :: Int) c z b
rpt 0 c' z' b' = fromJust (fst <$> (continue c' z' b'))
rpt i c' z' b' = let ... in rpt (i - 1) c''
Could not deduce (F a1 ~ (Z a1 -> B a1 -> F a1))
from the context (Continuation c)
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