Commit 0f5c1637 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Make the on-the-fly unifier defer forall/forall unification

This has to be done by the full constraint solver anyway, and it's
rare, so there's really no point in doing it twice.  This change
just deletes some (tricky) code.
parent 073119e8
......@@ -759,11 +759,8 @@ uType origin orig_ty1 orig_ty2
= ASSERT( isDecomposableTyCon tc1 )
go_app (TyConApp tc1 ts1') t1' s2 t2
go ty1 ty2
| tcIsForAllTy ty1 || tcIsForAllTy ty2
= unifySigmaTy origin ty1 ty2
-- Anything else fails
-- E.g. unifying for-all types, which is relative unusual
go ty1 ty2 = uType_defer origin ty1 ty2 -- failWithMisMatch origin
......@@ -771,27 +768,6 @@ uType origin orig_ty1 orig_ty2
= do { co_s <- uType origin s1 s2 -- See Note [Unifying AppTy]
; co_t <- uType origin t1 t2
; return $ mkTcAppCo co_s co_t }
unifySigmaTy :: CtOrigin -> TcType -> TcType -> TcM TcCoercion
unifySigmaTy origin ty1 ty2
= do { let (tvs1, body1) = tcSplitForAllTys ty1
(tvs2, body2) = tcSplitForAllTys ty2
; defer_or_continue (not (equalLength tvs1 tvs2)) $ do {
(subst1, skol_tvs) <- tcInstSkolTyVars tvs1
-- Get location from monad, not from tvs1
; let tys = mkTyVarTys skol_tvs
phi1 = Type.substTy subst1 body1
phi2 = Type.substTy (zipTopTvSubst tvs2 tys) body2
skol_info = UnifyForAllSkol skol_tvs phi1
; (ev_binds, co) <- checkConstraints skol_info skol_tvs [] $
uType origin phi1 phi2
; return (foldr mkTcForAllCo (TcLetCo ev_binds co) skol_tvs) } }
defer_or_continue True _ = uType_defer origin ty1 ty2
defer_or_continue False m = m
Note [Care with type applications]
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