Commit 0fb246c3 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢 Committed by Marge Bot

testsuite: Fix Windows cleanup path

This was a regression introduced with the Path refactoring.
parent d7de0d81
......@@ -2312,11 +2312,11 @@ if config.msys:
testdir = getTestOpts().testdir # type: Path
max_attempts = 5
retries = max_attempts
def on_error(function, path, excinfo):
def on_error(function, path: str, excinfo):
# At least one test (T11489) removes the write bit from a file it
# produces. Windows refuses to delete read-only files with a
# permission error. Try setting the write bit and try again.
# On Windows we have to retry the delete a couple of times.
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