Commit 101c62e2 authored by gintas's avatar gintas Committed by Austin Seipp
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The test runner now also works under the msys-native Python.

Msys binaries apply heuristics to escape paths in arguments intended for
non-msys binaries, which breaks timeout invocations, see #9626

Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>
parent 8e0a480c
......@@ -1780,9 +1780,25 @@ def rawSystem(cmd_and_args):
return os.spawnv(os.P_WAIT, cmd_and_args[0], cmd_and_args)
# When running under native msys Python, any invocations of non-msys binaries,
# including timeout.exe, will have their arguments munged according to some
# heuristics, which leads to malformed command lines (#9626). The easiest way
# to avoid problems is to invoke through /usr/bin/cmd which sidesteps argument
# munging because it is a native msys application.
def passThroughCmd(cmd_and_args):
args = []
# cmd needs a Windows-style path for its first argument.
args.append(cmd_and_args[0].replace('/', '\\'))
# Other arguments need to be quoted to deal with spaces.
args.extend(['"%s"' % arg for arg in cmd_and_args[1:]])
return ["cmd", "/c", " ".join(args)]
# Note that this doesn't handle the timeout itself; it is just used for
# commands that have timeout handling built-in.
def rawSystemWithTimeout(cmd_and_args):
if config.os == 'mingw32' and sys.executable.startswith('/usr'):
# This is only needed when running under msys python.
cmd_and_args = passThroughCmd(cmd_and_args)
r = rawSystem(cmd_and_args)
if r == 98:
# The python timeout program uses 98 to signal that ^C was pressed
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