Commit 10575479 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

Don't re-allocate %esi on x86.

Recent changes have freed up %esi for general use on x86 when it is
not being used for R1.  However, x86 has a non-uniform register
architecture where there is no 8-bit equivalent of %esi.  The register
allocators aren't sophisticated enough to cope with this, so we have
to back off and treat %esi as non-allocatable for now.  (of course,
LLVM doesn't suffer from this problem)

One workaround would be to change the calling convention to use %rbx
for R1, however we can't change the calling convention now without
patching LLVM too.
parent 810f0be6
......@@ -471,6 +471,11 @@ callClobberedRegs :: [Reg]
freeReg esp = fastBool False -- %esp is the C stack pointer
#if i386_TARGET_ARCH
freeReg esi = fastBool False -- Note [esi/edi not allocatable]
freeReg edi = fastBool False
#if x86_64_TARGET_ARCH
freeReg rsp = fastBool False -- %rsp is the C stack pointer
......@@ -662,4 +667,16 @@ allocatableRegs
= let isFree i = isFastTrue (freeReg i)
in map RealRegSingle $ filter isFree allMachRegNos
Note [esi/edi not allocatable]
%esi is mapped to R1, so %esi would normally be allocatable while it
is not being used for R1. However, %esi has no 8-bit version on x86,
and the linear register allocator is not sophisticated enough to
handle this irregularity (we need more RegClasses). The
graph-colouring allocator also cannot handle this - it was designed
with more flexibility in mind, but the current implementation is
restricted to the same set of classes as the linear allocator.
Hence, on x86 esi and edi are treated as not allocatable.
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