Commit 1072c5e4 authored by Don Stewart's avatar Don Stewart
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add support for EM_AMD64 elf machine type, openbsd/amd64 ghci works

parent 741ebaa9
......@@ -2902,9 +2902,13 @@ ocVerifyImage_ELF ( ObjectCode* oc )
case EM_PPC: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "powerpc32" )); break;
#ifdef EM_X86_64
case EM_X86_64: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "x86_64" )); break;
#ifdef EM_AMD64
case EM_AMD64: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "amd64" )); break;
default: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "unknown" ));
errorBelch("%s: unknown architecture", oc->fileName);
errorBelch("%s: unknown architecture (e_machine == %d)"
, oc->fileName, ehdr->e_machine);
return 0;
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