Commit 10782edf authored by Simon Jakobi's avatar Simon Jakobi Committed by Marge Bot

Mark p6 and T3333 as fragile

See #17018.
parent 939fa61c
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......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ test('ghcilink006',
[unless(doing_ghci, skip),
unless(opsys('linux') or opsys('darwin') or ghc_dynamic(),
when(unregisterised(), fragile(17018))],
makefile_test, ['T3333'])
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ test('p2', normal, ghci_script, ['p2.script'])
test('p3', normalise_version("bytestring"), ghci_script, ['p3.script'])
test('p4', normal, ghci_script, ['p4.script'])
test('p5', normal, ghci_script, ['p5.script'])
test('p6', normal, ghci_script, ['p6.script'])
test('p6', [when(unregisterised(), fragile(17018))], ghci_script, ['p6.script'])
test('p7', extra_files(['A.hs']), ghci_script, ['p7.script'])
test('p8', extra_files(['B.hs']), ghci_script, ['p8.script'])
test('p9', extra_files(['C.hs']), ghci_script, ['p9.script'])
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