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[project @ 2004-05-05 10:46:52 by simonmar]

Document use of -I flag for finding FFI header files
parent 2c556fae
......@@ -290,6 +290,26 @@ to be inlined across modules, use the command-line and package-configuration
<option>-&num;include</option> mechanism.
<sect3 id="finding-header-files">
<title>Finding Header files</title>
<para>Header files named by the <option>-&num;include</option>
option or in a <literal>foreign import</literal> declaration
are searched for using the C compiler's usual search path.
You can add directories to this search path using the
<option>-I</option> option (see <xref
<para>Note: header files are ignored unless compiling via C.
If you had been compiling your code using the native code
generator (the default) and suddenly switch to compiling via
C, then you can get unexpected errors about missing include
files. Compiling via C is enabled automatically when certain
options are given (eg. <option>-O</option> and
<option>-prof</option> both enable
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