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Fix Trac #2581: inlining of record selectors

Bryan discovered that a non-trivial record selector (non-trivial in 
the sense that it has to reconstruct the result value because of
UNPACK directives) weren't being inlined.  The reason was that the
unfolding generated by MkId.mRecordSelId was never being optimised
*at all*, and hence looked big, and hence wasn't inlined.

(The out-of-line version *is* put into the code of the module
and *is* optimised, which made this bug pretty puzzling.  But the
unfolding inside the record-selector-Id itself, which is a GlobalId
and hence does not get its inlining updated like LocalIds, was
big and fat.)

Solution: I wrote a very simple optimiser, CoreUnfold.simplOptExpr,
which does enough optimisation to solve this particular problem.
It's short, simple, and will be useful in other contexts.
parent 911a3e09
......@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@ mkDataConIds wrap_name wkr_name data_con
-- ...(let w = C x in ...(w p q)...)...
-- we want to see that w is strict in its two arguments
wrap_unf = mkTopUnfolding $ Note InlineMe $
wrap_unf = mkImplicitUnfolding $ Note InlineMe $
mkLams wrap_tvs $
mkLams eq_args $
mkLams dict_args $ mkLams id_args $
......@@ -602,9 +602,11 @@ mkRecordSelId tycon field_label
info = noCafIdInfo
`setCafInfo` caf_info
`setArityInfo` arity
`setUnfoldingInfo` mkTopUnfolding rhs_w_str
`setUnfoldingInfo` unfolding
`setAllStrictnessInfo` Just strict_sig
unfolding = mkImplicitUnfolding rhs_w_str
-- Allocate Ids. We do it a funny way round because field_dict_tys is
-- almost always empty. Also note that we use max_dict_tys
-- rather than n_dict_tys, because the latter gives an infinite loop:
......@@ -862,7 +864,7 @@ mkDictSelId no_unf name clas
`setArityInfo` 1
`setAllStrictnessInfo` Just strict_sig
`setUnfoldingInfo` (if no_unf then noUnfolding
else mkTopUnfolding rhs)
else mkImplicitUnfolding rhs)
-- We no longer use 'must-inline' on record selectors. They'll
-- inline like crazy if they scrutinise a constructor
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@ find, unsurprisingly, a Core expression.
module CoreUnfold (
Unfolding, UnfoldingGuidance, -- Abstract types
noUnfolding, mkTopUnfolding, mkUnfolding, mkCompulsoryUnfolding, seqUnfolding,
noUnfolding, mkTopUnfolding, mkImplicitUnfolding, mkUnfolding,
mkCompulsoryUnfolding, seqUnfolding,
evaldUnfolding, mkOtherCon, otherCons,
unfoldingTemplate, maybeUnfoldingTemplate,
isEvaldUnfolding, isValueUnfolding, isCheapUnfolding, isCompulsoryUnfolding,
......@@ -36,13 +37,15 @@ import DynFlags
import CoreSyn
import PprCore () -- Instances
import OccurAnal
import CoreSubst ( Subst, emptySubst, substTy, extendIdSubst, extendTvSubst
, lookupIdSubst, substBndr, substBndrs, substRecBndrs )
import CoreUtils
import Id
import DataCon
import Literal
import PrimOp
import IdInfo
import Type
import Type hiding( substTy, extendTvSubst )
import PrelNames
import Bag
import FastTypes
......@@ -62,6 +65,15 @@ import Outputable
mkTopUnfolding :: CoreExpr -> Unfolding
mkTopUnfolding expr = mkUnfolding True {- Top level -} expr
mkImplicitUnfolding :: CoreExpr -> Unfolding
-- For implicit Ids, do a tiny bit of optimising first
mkImplicitUnfolding expr
= CoreUnfolding (simpleOptExpr emptySubst expr)
(exprIsHNF expr)
(exprIsCheap expr)
(calcUnfoldingGuidance opt_UF_CreationThreshold expr)
mkUnfolding :: Bool -> CoreExpr -> Unfolding
mkUnfolding top_lvl expr
= CoreUnfolding (occurAnalyseExpr expr)
......@@ -733,3 +745,74 @@ computeDiscount n_vals_wanted arg_discounts result_discount arg_infos
mk_arg_discount discount is_evald | is_evald = discount
| otherwise = 0
%* *
The Very Simple Optimiser
%* *
simpleOptExpr :: Subst -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
-- Return an occur-analysed and slightly optimised expression
-- The optimisation is very straightforward: just
-- inline non-recursive bindings that are used only once,
-- or wheere the RHS is trivial
simpleOptExpr subst expr
= go subst (occurAnalyseExpr expr)
go subst (Var v) = lookupIdSubst subst v
go subst (App e1 e2) = App (go subst e1) (go subst e2)
go subst (Type ty) = Type (substTy subst ty)
go _ (Lit lit) = Lit lit
go subst (Note note e) = Note note (go subst e)
go subst (Cast e co) = Cast (go subst e) (substTy subst co)
go subst (Let bind body) = go_bind subst bind body
go subst (Lam bndr body) = Lam bndr' (go subst' body)
(subst', bndr') = substBndr subst bndr
go subst (Case e b ty as) = Case (go subst e) b'
(substTy subst ty)
(map (go_alt subst') as)
(subst', b') = substBndr subst b
go_alt subst (con, bndrs, rhs) = (con, bndrs', go subst' rhs)
(subst', bndrs') = substBndrs subst bndrs
go_bind subst (Rec prs) body = Let (Rec (bndrs' `zip` rhss'))
(go subst' body)
(bndrs, rhss) = unzip prs
(subst', bndrs') = substRecBndrs subst bndrs
rhss' = map (go subst') rhss
go_bind subst (NonRec b r) body = go_nonrec subst b (go subst r) body
go_nonrec subst b (Type ty') body
| isTyVar b = go (extendTvSubst subst b ty') body
go_nonrec subst b r' body
| isId b
, exprIsTrivial r' || safe_to_inline (idOccInfo b)
= go (extendIdSubst subst b r') body
go_nonrec subst b r' body
= Let (NonRec b' r') (go subst' body)
(subst', b') = substBndr subst b
-- Unconditionally safe to inline
safe_to_inline :: OccInfo -> Bool
safe_to_inline IAmDead = True
safe_to_inline (OneOcc in_lam one_br _) = not in_lam && one_br
safe_to_inline (IAmALoopBreaker {}) = False
safe_to_inline NoOccInfo = False
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