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Update manual to get rid of bogus `coerce` example (#9788)

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......@@ -923,10 +923,11 @@ GHC.ST.runST :: (forall s. GHC.ST.ST s a) -> a
<listitem><para>If any of the quantified type variables has a kind
that mentions a kind variable, e.g.
ghci> :i Data.Coerce.coerce
coerce ::
forall (k :: BOX) (a :: k) (b :: k). Coercible a b => a -> b
-- Defined in GHC.Prim
ghci> :i Data.Type.Equality.sym
Data.Type.Equality.sym ::
forall (k :: BOX) (a :: k) (b :: k).
(a Data.Type.Equality.:~: b) -> b Data.Type.Equality.:~: a
-- Defined in Data.Type.Equality
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