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[project @ 2004-11-26 13:42:21 by simonpj]

More about hi-boot files
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......@@ -974,9 +974,9 @@ newtype GHC.IOBase.IO a
<para>Only <literal>data</literal>, <literal>type</literal>,
<literal>newtype</literal>, <literal>class</literal>, and
type signature declarations may be included. You cannot declare
<literal>instances</literal> or derive them automatically.
<literal>instances</literal> or derive them automatically with
a <literal>deriving</literal> clause.</para>
<listitem> <para>For <literal>data</literal> or <literal>newtype</literal> declaration, you may omit all
the constructors, by omitting the '=' and everything that follows it:
......@@ -1004,9 +1004,16 @@ module A where
but you <emphasis>must</emphasis> do so in hi-boot files.)</para>
<listitem> <para>For <literal>class</literal> declaration, you may not specify any class
operations. We could lift this restriction if it became tiresome.</para>
In a <literal>class</literal> declararation, you may not specify any class operations; that is,
there can be no <literal>where</literal> part. If you want to use the class operations in a recursive
way, declare them in the <literal>hi-boot</literal> file with separate, overloaded type signatures, thus:
class Num a
(+) :: Num a => a -> a -> a
<para>If <literal>M.hi-boot</literal> mentions an entity <literal>N.f</literal>, defined in some other
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