Commit 11aa737c authored by's avatar

Fix dependency generation when GhcLibWays = dyn p

This is a kludge. A proper fix probably involves improving the "ghc -M"
flags to handle this sort of case better.
parent 59564731
......@@ -24,6 +24,16 @@ $1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS = $$(filter-out $$($1_$2_C_FILES_NODEPS),$$($1_$2_C_FILES))
$1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS = -dep-makefile $$($1_$2_depfile_haskell).tmp $$(foreach way,$$(filter-out v,$$($1_$2_WAYS)),-dep-suffix $$(way))
$1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS += -include-pkg-deps
# Setting hisuf/osuf is a kludge. If DYNAMIC_BY_DEFAULT is on, dyn is
# the first way, and p is another way, then without this kludge we run
# ghc -M -hisuf dyn_hi -osuf dyn_o -dep-suffix dyn -dep-suffix p
# which means we get dependencies for .dyn_hi/.dyn_o and .p_dyn_hi/.p_dyn_o
# rather than .dyn_hi/.dyn_o and .p_hi/.p_o.
# With the kludge we also get .hi/.o dependencies that we don't need, but
# they don't do any harm.
# We also specify -static, as otherwise we end up with some dependencies
# on .dyn_dyn_hi files
$1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS += -static -hisuf hi -osuf o
......@@ -34,8 +44,9 @@ $$($1_$2_depfile_haskell) : $$(includes_H_CONFIG) $$(includes_H_PLATFORM)
$$($1_$2_depfile_haskell) : $$($1_$2_HS_SRCS) $$($1_$2_HS_BOOT_SRCS) $$($1_$2_HC_MK_DEPEND_DEP) | $$$$(dir $$$$@)/.
$$(call removeFiles,$$@.tmp)
ifneq "$$($1_$2_HS_SRCS)" ""
"$$($1_$2_HC_MK_DEPEND)" -M $$($1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS) \
"$$($1_$2_HC_MK_DEPEND)" -M \
$$(filter-out -split-objs, $$($1_$2_$$(firstword $$($1_$2_WAYS))_ALL_HC_OPTS)) \
echo "$1_$2_depfile_haskell_EXISTS = YES" >> $$@.tmp
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