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Remove leftover comment in tcRnModule', redundant bind

The code for the comment was moved in dc8c03b2 but the comment was
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......@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@ tcRnModule' sum save_rn_syntax mod = do
let allSafeOK = safeInferred dflags && tcSafeOK
-- end of the safe haskell line, how to respond to user?
res <- if not (safeHaskellOn dflags)
if not (safeHaskellOn dflags)
|| (safeInferOn dflags && not allSafeOK)
-- if safe Haskell off or safe infer failed, mark unsafe
then markUnsafeInfer tcg_res whyUnsafe
......@@ -544,11 +544,6 @@ tcRnModule' sum save_rn_syntax mod = do
errTwthySafe tcg_res')
False -> return ()
return tcg_res'
-- apply plugins to the type checking result
return res
pprMod t = ppr $ moduleName $ tcg_mod t
errSafe t = quotes (pprMod t) <+> text "has been inferred as safe!"
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