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user-guide: Note order-dependence of flags

This supplements the description previously added in
6400c768. See #10560 for details.

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Subscribers: thomie, hvr

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GHC Trac Issues: #10560
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......@@ -85,6 +85,28 @@ all files; you cannot, for example, invoke
``ghc -c -O1 Foo.hs -O2 Bar.hs`` to apply different optimisation levels
to the files ``Foo.hs`` and ``Bar.hs``.
.. note::
.. index::
single: command-line; order of arguments
Note that command-line options are *order-dependent*, with arguments being
evaluated from left-to-right. This can have seemingly strange effects in the
presence of flag implication. For instance, consider
:ghc-flag:`-fno-specialise` and :ghc-flag:`-O1` (which implies
:ghc-flag:`-fspecialise`). These two command lines mean very different
``-fno-specialise -O1``
``-fspecialise`` will be enabled as the ``-fno-specialise`` is overriden
by the ``-O1``.
``-O1 -fno-specialise``
``-fspecialise`` will not be enabled, since the ``-fno-specialise``
overrides the ``-fspecialise`` implied by ``-O1``.
.. _source-file-options:
Command line options in source files
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