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Pass correct dictionary to lengthPA for single-element environments

parent 8adf1ec2
...@@ -398,8 +398,9 @@ mkClosureMonoFns info arg body ...@@ -398,8 +398,9 @@ mkClosureMonoFns info arg body
bind_lenv lenv lbody lc_bndr [lbndr] bind_lenv lenv lbody lc_bndr [lbndr]
= do = do
lengthPA <- builtin lengthPAVar lengthPA <- builtin lengthPAVar
pa_dict <- paDictOfType vty
return . Let (NonRec lbndr lenv) return . Let (NonRec lbndr lenv)
$ Case (mkApps (Var lengthPA) [Type vty, (Var lbndr)]) $ Case (mkApps (Var lengthPA) [Type vty, pa_dict, (Var lbndr)])
lc_bndr lc_bndr
(exprType lbody) (exprType lbody)
[(DEFAULT, [], lbody)] [(DEFAULT, [], lbody)]
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