Commit 14b1ce3e authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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improve completion for debugger commands

parent 23db9fc0
......@@ -109,14 +109,14 @@ builtin_commands = [
-- Hugs users are accustomed to :e, so make sure it doesn't overlap
("?", keepGoing help, False, completeNone),
("add", keepGoingPaths addModule, False, completeFilename),
("break", breakCmd, False, completeNone),
("break", breakCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("browse", keepGoing browseCmd, False, completeModule),
("cd", keepGoing changeDirectory, False, completeFilename),
("check", keepGoing checkModule, False, completeHomeModule),
("continue", continueCmd, False, completeNone),
("continue", continueCmd, False, completeNone),
("ctags", keepGoing createCTagsFileCmd, False, completeFilename),
("def", keepGoing defineMacro, False, completeIdentifier),
("delete", deleteCmd, False, completeNone),
("delete", deleteCmd, False, completeNone),
("e", keepGoing editFile, False, completeFilename),
("edit", keepGoing editFile, False, completeFilename),
("etags", keepGoing createETagsFileCmd, False, completeFilename),
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ builtin_commands = [
("help", keepGoing help, False, completeNone),
("info", keepGoing info, False, completeIdentifier),
("kind", keepGoing kindOfType, False, completeIdentifier),
("load", keepGoingPaths loadModule_,False, completeHomeModuleOrFile),
("load", keepGoingPaths loadModule_, False, completeHomeModuleOrFile),
("module", keepGoing setContext, False, completeModule),
("main", keepGoing runMain, False, completeIdentifier),
("print", keepGoing (pprintClosureCommand True False), False, completeIdentifier),
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ builtin_commands = [
("set", keepGoing setCmd, True, completeSetOptions),
("show", keepGoing showCmd, False, completeNone),
("sprint", keepGoing (pprintClosureCommand False False),False, completeIdentifier),
("step", stepCmd, False, completeNone),
("step", stepCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("type", keepGoing typeOfExpr, False, completeIdentifier),
("undef", keepGoing undefineMacro, False, completeMacro),
("unset", keepGoing unsetOptions, True, completeSetOptions)
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