Commit 159946ca authored by batterseapower's avatar batterseapower
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Follow Literal change in Simplify

parent 0b57caea
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ import SimplMonad
import Type hiding ( substTy, extendTvSubst )
import SimplEnv
import SimplUtils
import Literal ( mkStringLit )
import MkId ( rUNTIME_ERROR_ID )
import Id
import Var
......@@ -1263,7 +1262,7 @@ rebuildCase env scrut case_bndr alts cont
-- inaccessible. So we simply put an error case here instead.
pprTrace "mkCase: null alts" (ppr case_bndr <+> ppr scrut) $
let res_ty' = contResultType env' (substTy env' (coreAltsType alts)) dup_cont
lit = Lit (mkStringLit "Impossible alternative")
lit = mkStringLit "Impossible alternative"
in return (env', mkApps (Var rUNTIME_ERROR_ID) [Type res_ty', lit])
else do
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