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Fix some missed opportunities for preInlineUnconditionally

There are two signficant changes here:

* Ticket #18815 showed that we were missing some opportunities for
  preInlineUnconditionally.  The one-line fix is in the code for
  GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify.Utils.preInlineUnconditionally, which now
  switches off only for INLINE pragmas.  I expanded
  Note [Stable unfoldings and preInlineUnconditionally] to explain.

* When doing this I discovered a way in which preInlineUnconditionally
  was occasionally /too/ eager.  It's all explained in
  Note [Occurrences in stable unfoldings] in GHC.Core.Opt.OccurAnal,
  and the one-line change adding markAllMany to occAnalUnfolding.

I also got confused about what NoUserInline meant, so I've renamed
it to NoUserInlinePrag, and changed its pretty-printing slightly.
That led to soem error messate wibbling, and touches quite a few
files, but there is no change in functionality.

I did a nofib run.  As expected, no significant changes.

        Program           Size    Allocs
         sphere          -0.0%     -0.4%
            Min          -0.0%     -0.4%
            Max          -0.0%     +0.0%
 Geometric Mean          -0.0%     -0.0%

I'm allowing a max-residency increase for T10370, which seems
very irreproducible. (See comments on !4241.)  There is always
sampling error for max-residency measurements; and in any case
the change shows up on some platforms but not others.

Metric Increase:
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