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FIX Trac #1935: generate superclass constraints for derived classes

This bug only reports a problem with phantom types, but actually
there was quite a long-standing and significant omission in the
constraint generation for derived classes.  See
Note [Superclasses of derived instance] in TcDeriv.

The test deriving-1935 tests both cases.
parent b566be35
......@@ -530,21 +530,24 @@ mk_data_eqn orig tvs cls tycon tc_args rep_tc rep_tc_args mtheta
dataConInstOrigArgTys data_con rep_tc_args,
not (isUnLiftedType arg_ty) ] -- No constraints for unlifted types?
-- See Note [Superclasses of derived instance]
sc_constraints = substTheta (zipOpenTvSubst (classTyVars cls) inst_tys)
(classSCTheta cls)
inst_tys = [mkTyConApp tycon tc_args]
stupid_subst = zipTopTvSubst (tyConTyVars rep_tc) rep_tc_args
stupid_constraints = substTheta stupid_subst (tyConStupidTheta rep_tc)
all_constraints = stupid_constraints ++ ordinary_constraints
-- see Note [Data decl contexts] above
all_constraints = stupid_constraints ++ sc_constraints ++ ordinary_constraints
spec = DS { ds_loc = loc, ds_orig = orig
, ds_name = dfun_name, ds_tvs = tvs
, ds_cls = cls, ds_tys = [mkTyConApp tycon tc_args]
, ds_cls = cls, ds_tys = inst_tys
, ds_theta = mtheta `orElse` all_constraints
, ds_newtype = False }
; return (if isJust mtheta then Just (Right spec) -- Specified context
else Just (Left spec)) } -- Infer context
mk_typeable_eqn orig tvs cls tycon tc_args rep_tc _rep_tc_args mtheta
-- The Typeable class is special in several ways
-- data T a b = ... deriving( Typeable )
......@@ -695,6 +698,30 @@ new_dfun_name clas tycon -- Just a simple wrapper
-- a suitable string; hence the empty type arg list
Note [Superclasses of derived instance]
In general, a derived instance decl needs the superclasses of the derived
class too. So if we have
data T a = ...deriving( Ord )
then the initial context for Ord (T a) should include Eq (T a). Often this is
redundant; we'll also generate an Ord constraint for each constructor argument,
and that will probably generate enough constraints to make the Eq (T a) constraint
be satisfied too. But not always; consider:
data S a = S
instance Eq (S a)
instance Ord (S a)
data T a = MkT (S a) deriving( Ord )
instance Num a => Eq (T a)
The derived instance for (Ord (T a)) must have a (Num a) constraint!
Similarly consider:
data T a = MkT deriving( Data, Typeable )
Here there *is* no argument field, but we must nevertheless generate
a context for the Data instances:
instance Typable a => Data (T a) where ...
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