Commit 16ccba3a authored by stolz's avatar stolz
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[project @ 2004-11-18 16:39:53 by stolz]

Push down more feature-tests
parent b61f70ce
......@@ -955,8 +955,6 @@ AC_SYS_LARGEFILE
dnl ** check for specific header (.h) files that we are interested in
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([bfd.h ctype.h dirent.h dlfcn.h errno.h fcntl.h grp.h limits.h locale.h nlist.h pthread.h pwd.h signal.h sys/mman.h sys/resource.h sys/time.h sys/timeb.h sys/timers.h sys/times.h sys/utsname.h sys/wait.h termios.h time.h utime.h windows.h winsock.h])
AC_CHECK_HEADER([unistd.h], [AC_CHECK_FUNCS(lchown)])
AC_CHECK_HEADER([readline/readline.h], [HaveReadlineReadlineH=YES], [HaveReadlineReadlineH=NO])
AC_CHECK_HEADER([readline/history.h], [HaveReadlineHistoryH=YES], [HaveReadlineHistoryH=NO])
......@@ -1100,7 +1098,10 @@ if test "$ac_cv_type_signal" = void; then
dnl ** check for more functions
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([ftime getclock getpagesize getrusage gettimeofday gmtime_r localtime_r lstat readdir_r readlink setenv setitimer siginterrupt symlink sysconf times unsetenv])
dnl ** The following have been verified to be used in ghc/, but might be used somewhere else, too.
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([getclock getrusage gettimeofday setitimer siginterrupt sysconf times])
dnl ** For ghc/rts/gmp:
dnl ** check whether this machine has gmp3 installed
AC_CHECK_LIB(gmp, __gmpz_fdiv_qr, HaveLibGmp=YES; LibGmp=gmp,
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