Commit 16ee51f4 authored by chak's avatar chak
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[project @ 2000-12-16 06:55:58 by chak]

Simplified setting of build directory following a suggestion by
Jeff Lewis.
parent f05dbea1
......@@ -119,25 +119,10 @@ cd $BUILD_DIR
tar -cz -f $BUILD_DIR/SOURCES/ghc-$VERSION-src.tar.gz fptools || exit 1
rm -rf $BUILD_DIR/fptools
# set up the configuration for rpm
# * !!! this is not really elegant - any better idea?
cat >$our_rcfile <<END
macrofiles: /usr/lib/rpm/macros:/usr/lib/rpm/%{_target}/macros:/etc/rpm/macros:/etc/rpm/%{_target}/macros:~/.rpmmacros:$our_macrofile
cat >$our_macrofile <<END
%_topdir $BUILD_DIR
# Build packages with rpm
echo "*** Building packages..."
rpm --rcfile "$rcfiles" -ba SPEC/ghc-${VERSION}.spec || exit 1
rpm --define "_topdir $BUILD_DIR" -ba SPEC/ghc-${VERSION}.spec || exit 1
echo "*** ...made the packages"
# Cleaning up
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