Commit 1750ebc2 authored by Jan Stolarek's avatar Jan Stolarek

Reject top-level typed TH splices. Fixes #10945

When TemplateHaskell language extension is enabled it is valid to have
top-level expressions.  Each such expression is treated as a contents
of a splice.  The problem arises with typed splices.  They are not valid
at the top level and therefore we should interpret them not as a splice
but as a top-level expression (aka. implicit splice).  So saying:


is equivalent of:

$( $$foo )

This patch makes sure that this is indeed the case.  Until now we
incorrectly treated typed splices as explicit splices.
parent ae4acbd1
......@@ -263,11 +263,18 @@ mkSpliceDecl :: LHsExpr RdrName -> HsDecl RdrName
-- but if she wrote, say,
-- f x then behave as if she'd written $(f x)
-- ie a SpliceD
-- Typed splices are not allowed at the top level, thus we do not represent them
-- as spliced declaration. See #10945
mkSpliceDecl lexpr@(L loc expr)
| HsSpliceE splice <- expr = SpliceD (SpliceDecl (L loc splice) ExplicitSplice)
| otherwise = SpliceD (SpliceDecl (L loc splice) ImplicitSplice)
splice = mkUntypedSplice lexpr
| HsSpliceE splice@(HsUntypedSplice {}) <- expr
= SpliceD (SpliceDecl (L loc splice) ExplicitSplice)
| HsSpliceE splice@(HsQuasiQuote {}) <- expr
= SpliceD (SpliceDecl (L loc splice) ExplicitSplice)
| otherwise
= SpliceD (SpliceDecl (L loc (mkUntypedSplice lexpr)) ImplicitSplice)
mkRoleAnnotDecl :: SrcSpan
-> Located RdrName -- type being annotated
Couldn't match expected type ‘TExp DecsQ’ with actual type ‘[Dec]’
In the first argument of ‘return’, namely
(mkName "m")
[PlainTV (mkName "a")]
(AppT (AppT ArrowT (VarT (mkName "a"))) (VarT (mkName "a")))),
FunD (mkName "m") [Clause [...] (NormalB (VarE (mkName "x"))) []]]’
In the expression:
(mkName "m")
[PlainTV (mkName "a")]
(AppT (AppT ArrowT (VarT (mkName "a"))) (VarT (mkName "a")))),
FunD (mkName "m") [Clause [...] (NormalB (VarE (mkName "x"))) []]]
In the Template Haskell splice
(mkName "m")
[PlainTV (mkName "a")]
(AppT (AppT ArrowT (VarT (mkName "a"))) (VarT (mkName "a")))),
FunD (mkName "m") [Clause [...] (NormalB (VarE (mkName "x"))) []]])
......@@ -366,5 +366,5 @@ test('T10796b', normal, compile_fail, ['-v0'])
test('T10811', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T10810', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T10891', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T10945', expect_broken(10945), compile, ['-v0'])
test('T10945', normal, compile_fail, ['-v0'])
test('T10946', expect_broken(10946), compile, ['-v0'])
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