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Update release notes for #9262 #8953 #9084.

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......@@ -110,6 +110,34 @@
Added support for generating LINE pragma declarations
(<xref linkend="line-pragma"/>).
The type <literal>Pred</literal> (which stores a type
constraint) is now a synonym for <literal>Type</literal>,
in order to work with the <literal>ConstraintKinds</literal>
extension. This is a breaking change and may require
some rewriting of Template Haskell code.
<literal>reifyInstances</literal> now treats unbound type
variables as univerally quantified, allowing lookup of, say,
the instance for <literal>Eq [a]</literal>.
More kind annotations appear in reified types, in order to
disambiguate types that would otherwise be ambiguous in the
presence of <literal>PolyKinds</literal>. In particular, all
reified <literal>TyVarBndr</literal>s are now
<literal>KindedTV</literal>s. (This does not affect Template
Haskell quotations, just calls to <literal>reify</literal>.)
Various features unsupported in quotations were previously
silently ignored. These now cause errors.
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