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docs: mention -hiedir in docs for -outputdir

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......@@ -333,8 +333,8 @@ Redirecting the compilation output(s)
The ``-outputdir`` option is shorthand for the combination of
:ghc-flag:`-odir ⟨dir⟩`, :ghc-flag:`-hidir ⟨dir⟩`, :ghc-flag:`-stubdir
⟨dir⟩` and :ghc-flag:`-dumpdir ⟨dir⟩`.
:ghc-flag:`-odir ⟨dir⟩`, :ghc-flag:`-hidir ⟨dir⟩`, :ghc-flag:`-hiedir ⟨dir⟩`,
:ghc-flag:`-stubdir ⟨dir⟩` and :ghc-flag:`-dumpdir ⟨dir⟩`.
.. ghc-flag:: -osuf ⟨suffix⟩
:shortdesc: set the output file suffix
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