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identify "mode" as a class of flags, in addition to "static" and "dyanmic"
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......@@ -96,21 +96,47 @@ module X where
<sect1 id="static-dynamic-flags">
<title>Static vs. Dynamic options</title>
<title>Static, Dynamic, and Mode options</title>
<para>Each of GHC's command line options is classified as either
<firstterm>static</firstterm> or <firstterm>dynamic</firstterm>.
A static flag may only be specified on the command line, whereas a
dynamic flag may also be given in an <literal>OPTIONS_GHC</literal>
pragma in a source file or set from the GHCi command-line with
<para>As a rule of thumb, options which relate to filenames are
static, and the rest are dynamic. The flag reference tables (<xref
<firstterm>static</firstterm> or <firstterm>dynamic</firstterm> or
<term>Mode flags</term>
<para>For example, <option>--make</option> or <option>-E</option>.
There may be only a single mode flag on the command line. The
available modes are listed in <xref linkend="modes">.</para>
<term>Dynamic Flags</term>
<para>Most non-mode flags fall into this category. A dynamic flag
may be used on the command line, in a
<literal>GHC_OPTIONS</literal> pragma in a source file, or set
using <literal>:set</literal> in GHCi.</para>
<term>Static Flags</term>
<para>A few flags are "static", which means they can only be used on
the command-line, and remain in force over the entire GHC/GHCi
<para>The flag reference tables (<xref
linkend="flag-reference"/>) lists the status of each flag.</para>
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