Commit 1b919f1d authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1999-04-02 08:50:23 by simonm]

Hack from Simon: put abstract type decls (i.e. from an hi-boot file)
on the defferred list, just in case we happen to pull in the real one
as well.
parent e5759c97
......@@ -691,13 +691,20 @@ getNonWiredDataDecl needed_name
avail@(AvailTC tycon_name _)
ty_decl@(TyData new_or_data context tycon tyvars condecls derivings pragmas src_loc)
| needed_name == tycon_name
&& opt_PruneTyDecls
| null condecls ||
-- HACK ALERT! If the data type is abstract then it must from a
-- hand-written hi-boot file. We put it in the deferred pile unconditionally,
-- because we don't want to read it in, and then later find a decl for a constructor
-- from that type, read the real interface file, and read in the full data type
-- decl again!!!
(needed_name == tycon_name
&& opt_PruneTyDecls
-- don't prune newtypes, as the code generator may
-- want to peer inside a newtype type constructor
-- (ClosureInfo.fun_result_ty is the culprit.)
&& not (new_or_data == NewType)
&& not (nameUnique needed_name `elem` cCallishTyKeys)
&& not (new_or_data == NewType)
&& not (nameUnique needed_name `elem` cCallishTyKeys))
-- Hack! Don't prune these tycons whose constructors
-- the desugarer must be able to see when desugaring
-- a CCall. Ugh!
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